Who we are

D Bulk Filers is a Records Management Support Firm in the region, Offering File Storage Systems in both manual and Automated Formattes. We have a wide range of bulk filers for physical file storage customized to customers needs. We have teamed up with a leading International Software Developer and Local Software Developers to develop an Electronic Document Management System. (E.D.M.S.) to cater for clients willing to go the Electronic way. We do implement projects and offer consultancy in this field and help our clients achieve the digital goal in Electronic Archiving and workflow formations.

Our Mission

To become the document management support firm of choice in the region through providing outstanding service to our clients.

Our Vision

To consistently provide our customers with professional cost effective and efficient services.

Operation Principle

D Bulk filers is grounded in the following operational principles.

we are your business partners rather than file and filing or document management suppliers.

We work together in defining the problem on document management needs as well as in defining the range of options available.

 We ensure that you only spend money on activities and equipment that has value for money and agreed on.

Discussion and clients data is private and confidential and is only meant for project and its implementation only. 

Strict quality control is applied to all projects.

We ensure first delivery, feedback and implementation that will give guide to maintain competitive edge.